PyData Stack

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Pydata Stack

It’s really amazing how many data analysis toolkits are now available in the Python ecosystem. And these tools seems to be never ending, I encounter a new neat little module every few weeks. But for the longest time the tool that I was yearning for the most was for a good bridge to somehow interface with Hadoop in a seamless manner.

The only clean mechanism for the longest time was Hadoop Streaming, which was complicated and time consuming at best. There is a new entrant in this arena that completely fills this void and more. Apache Spark with it’s native hadoop module pyspark provides a seamless interface to access and process data on Hadoop in a distributed manner. Actually it goes a step further and provides in-memory computing capability to drastically accelerate the performance of algorithms that needs to iterate over the data-set many times.

With Apache Spark in place I believe the “PyData” stack is really complete and could be called a swiss army knife for a Data Scientist. Below is a diagram which I think provides an high-level overview of the stack.


Am I missing something from this picture that I have not encountered yet?

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